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What are the HostUpon Name Servers (DNS)

In order to get your website live at HostUpon you need to update your name servers.  Your domains name servers tell your domain where your website is hosted.  This step is required to get your domain working with your hosting account.

  • If you’ve registered your domain name with HostUpon during signup then we have already done this for you and no action is required on your part.
  • If your domain name is NOT registered with us then you need to go to the company where you registered your domain name and change the DNS to point to us.

HostUpon Name Servers

Primary:     ns1.hostupon.com (
Secondary: ns2.hostupon.com (

Changing the name servers for your domain name at the registrar where you purchased your domain name should be a simple process. The registrar should have a control panel where you can update the name servers for the domain.  Find the spot where you can edit or change the name servers and input the HostUpon name servers listed above. If there are additional fields beyond the primary and secondary name servers, you can leave those blank.

If you’re having issues updating the name servers for your domain name, contact the company where you purchased the domain name and ask them to update the name servers for you.

Updated on September 29, 2019

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