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Getting Started With HostUpon

Welcome to HostUpon!  We’re excited to have you on board.  We’ve put together a quick and easy Getting Started Guide to help you make the most of your services with us.  Lets get started!

The Basics

When you purchase a web hosting plan at HostUpon you will receive two separate logins.  One for the Client Area and one for your hosting account called cPanel.

  • Your Client Area is where you can view and manage your services with us.  When you first signup for hosting services we will send you an email with your client area login credentials.  You can login to the Client Area by clicking on the Client Area link in the top right of our website.
  • Your cPanel is the control panel for your hosting account.  This is where you can build or upload your website, create email addresses, use our 1-Click installer and much more.  Your cPanel username and password is sent in the ‘New Account Information‘ email after your order is activated.

If you cannot find the New Account Information email please check your spam folder. In Gmail you will need to click the ‘more’ link on the left side and then click Spam.

Step 1 – Determine Your Needs

Do you already have a website that you would like us to transfer over?  If so, then simply fill out the Website Transfer Form and we can get started with the migration.  Once we’ve migrated your website successfully you will receive an email confirmation and you can move on to step 2.

If you’re building your website from scratch you have a few options.

  • First, you can use our free drag-and-drop site builder called SitePad.  SitePad allows you to build a beautiful website without any coding skills required.  To access SitePad you would first login to your cPanel and then click the SitePad Website Builder icon.
  • Getting Started With SitePad Website Builder
  • Your second option is to use one of over 350 apps included with your hosting account.  This includes popular software such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.  You can access the 1-Click app installer inside your cPanel by clicking the ‘Softaculous’ icon.
  • Getting Started With The Softaculous 1-Click App Installer

Step 2 – Domain Names & DNS

In order to get your website live at HostUpon you need to update your name servers.  Your domains name servers tell your domain where your website is hosted.  This step is required to get your domain working with your hosting account.

  • If you’ve registered your domain name with HostUpon during signup then we have already done this for you and no action is required on your part.
  • If your domain name is NOT registered with us then you need to go to the company where you registered your domain name and change the DNS to point to us.
HostUpon Name Servers

Primary: ns1.hostupon.com (
Secondary: ns2.hostupon.com (

Changing the name servers for your domain name at the registrar where you purchased your domain name should be a simple process. The registrar should have a control panel where you can update the name servers for the domain.  Find the spot where you can edit or change the name servers and input the HostUpon name servers listed above. If there are additional fields beyond the primary and secondary name servers, you can leave those blank.

If you’re having issues updating the name servers for your domain name, contact the company where you purchased the domain name and ask them to update the name servers for you.

Step 3 – Email Accounts

With your new HostUpon hosting account, you can create professional email addresses for your business or brand.  For example, you can creates yourname @ your domain.  To get started you would login to cPanel and then click the Email Accounts icon.

Step 4 – Build Your Website

Build a beautiful website with our free SitePad builder or install WordPress with our 1-Click App Installer.

Starting a new website:

Transfer an existing website to HostUpon:

Billing & Account Management

Manage your services with us through our user-friendly Client Area.

Other Useful Resources

Getting Additional Support

We want to make sure you have everything you need to be successful online.  You can search our extensive knowledgebase for detailed articles in various categories.


Updated on February 29, 2020

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