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Great Hosting Company!

"I moved from my old host to HostUpon and have been VERY HAPPY! Finally support that actually knows what they are doing. I moved my business website to HostUpon with no problems and they helped me move the database too. I wanted to leave my review because after being with other hosting companies I found one that is honest, reliable and affordable. I am currently using HostUpon's Business Unlimited hosting plan."

- Ivan K.
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Awesome support.

"good provider, solid support, I like using their site builder and am very impressed. HostUpon are friendly and after being with like three other providers I can vouch for them. I was assisted with transferring my files and databases and my wordpress blog was moved to HostUpon very smoothly. I recommend these guys no doubt!"

- Arron Doyle
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Thanks again for everything !! :)

"I have been using shared hosting services for many years to run several commercial websites and have had mixed success. Sometimes the website is fast but the support is rubbish or the support is OK but the websites are slow and unstable. It seems the magic blend of people who really know what they are doing technically to provide a solid, stable and optimised platform combined with people who really care about customer service never quite happened for me… until I found HostUpon. I can honestly say that the service I have received from HostUpon has been the best I have could ever have wished for and by far the best I have ever experienced. They are outstanding technically and their support is amazing, it truly feel that they have got your back,, they are there to help with prompt responses and always constructive sound advice. The real measure of any good company is how they respond when you have got a problem and this is where HostUpon stand head and shoulders above any web hosting company I have ever used. They bent over backwards to help me out of a recent scrape when an online auction I was running ended I had over 400 users hammering the server with a demand that doubled the limits that came with my account. The guys saved the day for me 'big time' increasing my website capacity to accommodate the spike in traffic and even monitored it for me. Seriously! to get that level of service for the ridiculously affordable price plans they offer is incredible.

I cannot recommend these guys highly enough and want to take the opportunity to thank them again for their excellent service.

Finally, I run my website out of the UK so was hesitant about using a Canadian based host having been burned before, but with the right host it is not an issue so I would encourage any UK based web developers to give them a go because I know it is a concern."

- Anton LeMercier
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Affordable reseller hosting.

"I only have good things to say about this host. I'm using a reseller plan at HostUpon. The staff is always available and helpful. I live in the UK and it is very important to have a reliable provider outside of the UK as most of my clients are in Canada and the US. I like the speeds and uptime and I have yet to find a cheaper reseller hosting plan with all the features I need."

- Godfrey
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Love these guys!

"I have two hosting accounts with HostUpon and consider them the best hosting provider I've ever been with! I have received help from their support staff, answers from the sales team and my websites never has problems. I recommend HostUpon to all my friends and will continue to host my sites here for many years to come. It is hard finding a reliable hosting company but HostUpon is the best I've come across!"

- Niles Main
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Great business hosting.

"I did quite a bit of research before moving my web site to this host. HostUpon really do live up to their promises. Their shared hosting server is not overloaded which is the case with most hosting companies.

Their pricing is very competitive, but their support level is near perfect. My tickets were answered pretty quickly by someone who really know what he is talking about. Bottom line, I recommend this web hosting service if you are running a small business or if it is critical that your web site runs fast and reliably."

- Neila
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Friendly and helpful.

"HostUpon saved the day for me. I had a new blog website I was trying to get on line with HostMonster. I Was on their web site trying to figure out how to get help. The only live phone number was there sales number. I finally was able to get a e-mail address I could write to. Spent to long trying to find it. They wrote back but they couldn't figure out what my problem was. A live phone would have help this situation. I canceled the 24 months I'd signed up for and asked for a refund. They told me that I had 30 days to cancel. It took me 90 days to get the site on line. I told them keep 1 year and help me out with a smaller refund. They keep telling me about the 30 days & didn't I read there disclaimer?

Now I'm in good hands and plan on being here for years. The main reason for my satisfaction with HostUpon is their staff. The support was super fast and friendly even months after being with them."

- Jacob H.
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Happy VPS customer.

"It was a tough decision, to be completely honest with you. Making the move to a VPS is a big one for a site like mine. I guess that I felt, in the end, it was the move that could make me competitive in this market. That's what it really came down to in the end. I think it took the fine folks at HostUpon about 5 minutes to answer my question through email for the first few times. I was really pleased with that aspect of my VPS hosting. I have been told that the cPanel Linux VPS hosting is pretty expensive compared to some of the other services.
I guess it is worth it, though.

I get all of the server space that I need to run a competitive site. When I first chose the Virtual Private Server hosting from, I wasn't sure where it would take my website. As they say, there is no reward without taking a risk, though. After a year, I can look back and say that I'm happy with the decision that I made."

- Huda L.
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Wonderful hosting company

"I read the reviews for HostUpon all over the net and decided to give them a try myself. They helped move two of my sites in the same day, made sure they were online and walked me through the initial setup. Their live chat feature is VERY useful. I am quite happy with and will suggest them to anyone looking for hosting with real support staff! HostUpon has done a great job! thanks guys -"

- Ferdinand
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Reliable and friendly.

"I've been hosting our music portal website with streaming videos with HostUpon for 9 months and have been very happy. They respond to support requests in a timely fashion and their uptime is great. Much like the other reviews I can say I am glad I moved over to HostUpon and think they are a great hosting company all around!"

- Julie Hutchensen
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Top notch support team.

"I have been building websites for six years and have tried out many different web hosts during this period. Like everyone I have used Godaddy but I found out that they over charge for their products. I have also tried BlueHost, IXWebHosting, and a few other hosting companies not listed on your site. I was fairly impressed with HostUpon; I have experienced their wonderful customer support and I have never had any problems with the server being down or slow.I'm moving all my sites to HostUpon. I'm completely satisfied so far. My sites are not high traffic, HostUpon has a beautiful control panel that actually seems to work .

They are inexpensive and their support team really helped me out with my scripting issue that was causing me headaches. Two thumbs up for these guys for sure."

- Cesar Ramirez
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Recommend them for VPS hosting.

"I was first told about the VPS hosting from HostUpon from my business partner. I took time to do the research as I really needed the Virtual Private Server in order to compete. VPS hosting service of HostUpon features some really great customer service people. There is no denying the fact that they will help you each and every time you are in need. Apart from reliability one of the most fantastic things about the virtual private servers from HostUpon is that the service is affordable. You won't pay out of the ear to make sure that you can compete with the other websites in your niche.

Setting up an account is quite the breeze. I am really glad that I chose the VPS from HostUpon. It is the decision that has powered my site to the top of my niche. If you have a lot of users who like your site and you need more beef, I would certainly recommend HostUpon."

- Jeremy R.
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Fast FFmpeg web host.

"I'm using PHPMotion with HostUpon. I used to be with Cirtex but had a horrible experience with their non-existant support. When I switched to HostUpon I got a tech to help me move my video site and fully moved within 24 hours! I would recommend for PHPmotion hosting or any video type hosting as they seem to be the pro's."

- Sherry Liebermen
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Great website uptime.

"After my last host closed shop I needed to find a host fast which provided 24x7 support as well as servers in Canada and Usa. HostUpon came up on my map and I tried them out. Since then I have moved all my websites to their servers and haven’t looked back. Support is fast and knowledgeable and will even provide some creativity in regard to hosting business decisions. So far so good. 100% uptime too. They have been reliable and responsive, consistently willing to provide assistance when sought and Eric responded to our queries in a timely manner."

- Waleed Aktar
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Outstanding Support.

"I am not one to send messages like this often, however due to the extraordinary service your company has provided me, I am compelled to. I recently opened a community type web site, and knew little about the whole matter. I called and ordered your hosting service, and you loaded the dolphin software at no charge, and the site was running so fast I couldn't believe it. I have had a few problems, due to my ignorance, and your outstanding staff fixed them while seeming happy to do so. I managed to crash the whole site and had no idea what i had done, or had the brains to save a back-up.

Your staff fixed me up, and had it back up with all the information still on the site!!!! I am just starting out, and really appreciate this service that goes beyond what anyone could expect. Al was so relaxed, helpful, and informative that I could not have asked for anyone better. I am sure to brag you guys up every chance I get. Anyways, thanks and you have a friend, long--term customer, and reference whenever you want one. feel free to give my email to anyone who wants a deservingly outstanding reference to your services. "

- David Fairchild
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Very friendly and helpful.

"I've been using HostUpon for the past year, and I am amazed at the service I've received. HostUpon webhosting is VERY user friendly, and all my questions were answered very promptly. I'm so pleased with my experiences with HostUpon, I now recommend it to anyone who asks me about web hosting. This is my first website I've had hosted, and I just don't know how they offer 24 hour reliability for such a low price!"

- Robert Lowe
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Awesome hosting provider.

"Since we've started hosting our Site with, we've experienced better service and support than all the other hosting companies we've used combined. Whenever we need anything technical done, the technical team has been able to do it over the phone in a matter of minutes, saving us time so that we can focus on more important things in our day to day business activities. I still can't get over the fact that it's barely 10$ a month. I would pay double even triple for the service if I had to. If your not with HostUpon, you're wasting your time!"

- Matthew Turgeon
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Recommend them for business hosting.

"After a long, long search for a host that could handle my growing needs, I settled on HostUpon.The initial conversations with their sales person enhanced my confidence in the company, and I was particularly pleased that they would transfer the content of five large sites gratis, including setting up MySQL databases and so on and so forth.

Just shy of a month after setting up a VPS hosting plan, everything is absolute perfection, and that includes customer support, performance, and uptime. Indeed, I monitor my sites carefully, and I’ve had no outrages, not a second, not a minute.

Yes, everything is 100%, which is why I have no hesitation in recommending HostUpon to anyone who wants a host who can handle the needs of both personal and business sites."

- Gene