HostUpon Referral Program

Earn FREE Hosting by referring your friends and family!

Earn Free Hosting

HostUpon is giving customers the ability to earn free hosting by referring friends and family. For every new customer you refer to HostUpon we'll add 1 month of hosting on to your package. For example, if you refer 3 people you'll get 3 months of free hosting added to your current hosting plan.

How Does The Referral Program Work?

Your referral can sign up for HostUpon Hosting by filling out the order form and completing payment. During the order process, your referral needs to type your domain name in the "Referral Domain" field. Once your friend or family member has successfully completed the order, your Free Month will automatically be applied to your account.

Referral Program Requirements

You must be a current HostUpon customer in good standing to take advantage of the referral program. Referrals must be for new HostUpon hosting customers of equal or greater value to the referring member's hosting account. Credit will only be issued if your domain is presented at the time of registration. Referral credit may not be applied to Affiliate sales. This offer has no cash value and is non transferable. Referral must be active with HostUpon for 45 days.

Now you can start referring our professional hosting services and get FREE Hosting!