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How do I Create Addon Domains

To create an Addon Domain you must first register the domain or point it to our name servers if you have registered your domain name elsewhere.

To get started, login to your cPanel control panel.

Step 1 – Click the Addon Domains icon in cPanel.

Addon domain step 1


Step 2 – In the New Domain Name field type in the domain you want to add without the www or http.  For example, you would type xyz.com

addon domain step 2


Step 3 – Click In the Subdomain field and it will auto-populate for you.

Step 4 – The Document Root field will also auto-populate.  This is the name of the folder that will be created inside your public_html folder where you will upload your website for your new domain.

Step 5 – Click the Add Domain button.

addon domain step 3


That’s it!  Your new Addon Domain has been created.  You can now create email addresses for your new domain and upload your website files in the /public_html/xyz.com folder using the File Manager in cPanel, FTP or using the WordPress installer in cPanel.

Updated on December 23, 2019

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