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How to connect to your account using FTP (eg. FileZilla)

While there are many different FTP clients available, the configuration for each should be very similar.

If you do not have an FTP client you can Download FileZilla.  It’s a free and easy to use FTP client.

To connect to our servers and upload your files, you’ll need to configure your FTP client with the following four pieces of information.

1) Host Name – Your host name is yourdomain.com –  Do not prefix it  www
2) Username – Your cPanel username
3) Password – Your cPanel password
4) FTP Port – FTP runs on port 21


If you have not yet pointed your domain to HostUpon Name Servers you will need to use the servers IP address or hostname in the Host Name field. You can find your servers IP address and hostname in your New Account Information email.

Once you’ve successfully connected to your account, you’ll need to upload your files to the “public_html” or “www” directory in order for them to be viewed online. These directories are one in the same, so it doesn’t matter which you use. Technically speaking, ‘www’ is a symlink to ‘public_html’.


You will notice a number of directories and files already exist in your web space when you first connect. We ask that you don’t delete these unless you know what you’re doing. It may be tempting to try and save space, but in doing so you may inadvertently break something. Put simply, everything is there for a reason.

Updated on October 3, 2019

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