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SquirrelMail Has Been Removed in cPanel

SquirrelMail was one of three Webmail interfaces included with cPanel.  It’s an open-source project that has not received any notable updates in almost a decade.

Why has SquirrelMail been removed

With no recent updates and what once was an active … Read More

How To Make Your Website SSL Secured in Google Chrome

In July of 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will display websites without an SSL certificate as ‘Not Secure‘ in the address bar.  With Internet Security in the forefront, Google along with FireFox have been advocating for a safer and … Read More

HostUpon partners up with SiteLock

HostUpon is proud to announce our latest partnership with SiteLock LLC, a global provider of website security technology and products for online businesses. This latest partnership brings to the table SiteLocks renown website security services, including the patent-pending 360-degree … Read More

Canada For Haiti

Many of us have been glued to our TV screens and newspapers as we receive more information on the misfortune that has befallen Haitians over the past two weeks.  Considered the … Read More

What is a dedicated IP used for?

Many of our customers ask us, Do I need a dedicated IP address?

When you purchase Shared Hosting this directly relates to your IP address being shared as well.  Having a shared IP address means everyone ‘sharing’ the server with … Read More

Tips On How To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Everyone wants, loves and need traffic! (no, not on the road of course)

Having a website that looks fabulous is wonderful but generating awareness and traffic play a big factor in the success of your website. Search Engine Optimization seems … Read More