What is a dedicated IP used for?

Many of our customers ask us, Do I need a dedicated IP address?

When you purchase Shared Hosting this directly relates to your IP address being shared as well.  Having a shared IP address means everyone ‘sharing’ the server with you also has the same IP address.

A dedicated IP address allows you to have your own unique IP address which is not shared with anyone else on the server.

Advantages of a dedicated IP:

  • many people believe that search engines such as Google will rank you higher if you have a dedicated IP address as apposed to a shared IP.
  • Privacy and security is slightly enhanced due to you have your own IP address
  • If you need to accept credit cards or secure information on your website you will need an SSL certificate to ensure all data is encrypted however this also requires a dedicated IP. You cannot install a SSL certificate without it.
  • When you have a dedicated IP, you can view your website using your domain name or the IP address.
  • You will not be effected by someone else causing an issue on the shared IP (spammers, abusers)

At HostUpon we try to encourage users to add a dedicated IP to their plan as the cost is very affordable and the advantages are well worth it.  Our Business Hosting plan offers a free dedicated IP.

Reseller hosting plans also come with a dedicated IP along with Private Hosting.

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