Canada For Haiti

Many of us have been glued to our TV screens and newspapers as we receive more information on the misfortune that has befallen Haitians over the past two weeks.  Considered the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, the tragic outcome of the January 13th earthquake has left up to a million homeless, while aid groups are still running around trying to get bare necessities into the hands of survivors.

HostUpon has made its own contribution to Canada For Haiti, and urges readers to do the same. The money donated to this group of humanitarian organizations is being used to stabilize Haitian living conditions and prevent the risk of disease, malnutrition, child-trafficking and other threats to Haitians. Canadian telethons have already amassed more than $20 million, and the federal government is matching this amount for a total of $40 million raised in this effort alone. Organizations involved in Canada For Haiti include Free the Children, Oxfam Canada, WorldVision and Unicef, among others. We encourage HostUpon clients and especially Canadian readers to contribute as much as financially possible by visiting Canada For Haiti

Thank you