Tips On How To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Everyone wants, loves and need traffic! (no, not on the road of course)

Having a website that looks fabulous is wonderful but generating awareness and traffic play a big factor in the success of your website. Search Engine Optimization seems to be getting more and more popular however being on the first page of Google is not an easy task. We thought we would share some of our ideas on how to get more traffic to your website without spending much or anything at all!


StumbleUpon is actually a really cool concept that is getting a lot of hype. You can signup for free for a Stumble toolbar and then you choose the categories that interest you. For example let’s say you add Web Hosting to your favorite categories, you can then click on the Stumble! button on your toolbar and it will take you to a random page on the internet related to Web Hosting. Simple enough eh? The idea behind it is that people vote on the pages, so if you like the page you landed on you click on the thumbs up icon and someone else may stumble on that page. The idea is to share great websites that interest you.

In terms of advertising you can cost effectively advertise your site with Stumble Ads and pay a mere 5cents per click. It’s a great way to generate a chunk of traffic at a very low cost. You can also add your web pages to the Stumble network for free in hopes that others will share it….this is also a great way to get free traffic.

Blog Blog and Blog!

If you have a website then you need a blog. You may not be the best of writers but you can simply use a blog to pass promotions, information and news to your visitors. The reason I recommend using a blog is because of how Google loves fresh content. Google loves blogs, plain and simple. You can update the blog 2-3 times a week and make sure your content is unique. Fresh content is like gold on the net. While on the topic, HostUpon does offer the best blog hosting 🙂

Search Engine Submission

The simplest and most common way to get website traffic is to submit your site to as many search engines as possible. Be smart and use relevant keywords when submitting your website. Just remember traffic from search engines is not instant but it’s essential to submit your sites. At HostUpon we offer FREE search engine submission with our Business Hosting plan.


Yes you do have to spend some hard earned money! Google Adwords is one of the most popular pay per click services. If you have yet to try it, give it a shot. You basically create your ad, choose your target audience and bid on specific keywords. Adwords can be costly so try different techniques and campaigns to find a suitable median for your site. You can also try Yahoo’s and Microsoft’s pay per click services but from my experience Google is the most powerful.

Backlinks Galore

A Backlink is a link to a page on your website from someone else’s website. The more popular the site that links to you, the better for you. The more websites that point to your website, the better for you. Get my drift?

In order to get people to link to your website you must have something interesting or relevant to their audience. Many people tell me that their website is great but they don’t think people will link to the site itself. A great way to overcome this is to start a blog as mentioned earlier. This way you have new fresh content and maybe something you post will be insightful to a reader and eventually they will link to your site. Never doubt the possibilities, as they are possible.

I hope the above gives you a simple yet broad view on what options you have in terms of getting traffic. If you have any ideas do share!

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