Social Community Hosting and Social Network Hosting

It’s amazing how many different social networking and community software is out there! We are all familiar with Myspace and Facebook but I’ve been noticing quite a few sites appearing as people want to start their own community. You can find social networks on almost every topic these days from pet lovers to dating sites to music networks and the list goes on and on.

Hosting plays a big part for these types of sites, whether it be hosting for dating software or hosting for social networks. These types of sites require more power but they main thing to keep in mind is growth.

Let’s take a dating script for example; Your site will get popular and populated with pictures, videos and maybe even a chat feature. As the site grows you’ll easily noticed that shared hosting is not right for you. You have to account for memory, CPU, disk I/O and the overall performance of your website. You might be able to get away with hosting on a shared platform but your end-users will be the ones who suffer and may not return because the site takes an extra few seconds to load pages.

Many people resort to a dedicated server but lack the skills to run one. A dedicated server can run upwards of $100 and this is for an unmanaged service. This means you have to update kernels, Apache, PHP and secure the server yourself. For many people this is something they don’t want to worry about and that is why HostUpon’s Private Hosting was designed. As I mentioned in my last post Private Hosting has MANY advantages over other hosting solutions. Private Hosting can host your dating site or dating script, social network, social community and other social engines that require more power!

Here are a few examples:

Dating Script Hosting

Dating Software Hosting

Community Environment Hosting

Social Network Hosting

Social Community Hosting

Youtube Script Hosting

Media Streaming Hosting

Blog Hosting

Photo Gallery Hosting

Multimedia Hosting

The above examples are the different situations where a private hosting service would be beneficial.  When choosing the right plan at HostUpon factor in your requirements in the present and for future growth.  Factor in if your site is static or dynamic, how many users you have or will have, how much traffic you will get, how much content and media you have specifically.  If you are unsure as most people are, don’t be afriad to speak with one of our Hosting experts on our Live Chat.  We will always try to find you the best hosting solution.

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