New Dedicated Servers at HostUpon

I have some great news to share and I’m sure by reading the title you’re all well aware that we’re now offering a new line of dedicated servers.

As every successful company grows their offerings and product lines expand. At HostUpon we’ve been working to bring the best in shared, reseller and private web hosting services. As of today we have a new line of dedicated servers for our customers to choose from. As always we only use the best hardware and our dedicated servers take no backseat. We’re offering Xeon 3000 and Xeon 7000 series servers.

What makes HostUpon’s dedicated servers different than any other?

Glad you asked! Customers can choose the data center that they prefer as we have the ability to place you in either Seattle- Washington, Dallas- Texas or Washington- D.C.

With Multiple Internet Backbone Connections you can not only choose the server that suits you best but the network location. This is a superb advantage as any real estate mogul will tell you ‘location, location, location!’. Each data center is equipped with Cisco Systems 10G Network, Cisco Guard DDOS Protection, Tipping Point IPS/IDS Protection and Gigabit Speeds from Server to Internet. If you plan on hosting multiple servers we provide Free Server to Server Cross Connects and Gigabit Speeds from Server to Server.

Dedicated hosting at HostUpon is designed for websites and businesses that require their own server for their web operations. You can view our current servers at:

All of our servers have an upgradeable path and you also get to choose the Operating System that suits you best. Our servers come with a minimum of 1Gb of RAM and 250GB SATA II Hard drives. You can purchase additional IP addresses, cPanel/WHM licenses and unlike other providers you can also add McAfee Total Protection for Linux.

If you’re looking for a new dedicated server check out our offers as our Network speaks for itself.

You can speak with a live chat rep at anytime to answer any questions you may have!

Keep in mind that you’ll also receive a credit to your account (free hosting) for referrals at any time with any of our services.