How To Backup Your Website

If you have a web hosting account it is crucial to make your own backup and quite frankly it’s a very simple process! Whether you are new to web hosting or have been working in the industry for years, making sure you have a complete backup of your website and databases is one of the most important tasks. Having a complete backup on your hard drive assures you that if there is ever a disaster your website can be restored successfully.

Doing regular backups is the safest way to make sure your files are stored safe and secure. Cpanel allows you to backup your data easily and we recommend you backup your data when any major changes have occurred. Aside from your websites content, it will even backup your email accounts, databases, webstats. Practically everything that is in your Cpanel account will be backed up using the cPanel backup icon.

Once you are logged in to your cPanel account, look for the icon “Backups”. You will be presented a menu that will allow you to backup part of your website or the entire account.

At HostUpon we use Cpanel 11 which means you can backup and download the following:

  • Full backups
  • Home directory backup
  • MySQL database backup
  • Email forwarders or filters backup

cPanel has some great documentation regarding this topic which can be viewed at:

Backing up your website is just one of the many way you need to maintain your hosting account. So with the above said, go backup your website(s)!

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