Toronto Hosting with HostUpon

The Canadian hosting industry is growing rapidly.  HostUpon is based out of Toronto though our web hosting is served world-wide.  We’ve been growing on the web and continue to grow locally in Toronto.  It’s truly amazing how many people need hosting and how your local market can influence your exposure online.

In the coming months HostUpon will be involved in many events in Toronto and in essence we want our brand to be recognized, appreciated and valued locally.  A business can flourish online with the vast amount of avenues and needs of customers word-wide.  Our goal is to continue to provide a solid hosting solution but generate more awareness in our local market as well.  Having customers in the same city you reside in has many advantages.  The thought of supporting your own city whilst getting what you need is a recipe for success.  Canadian hosting as a whole is really looking positive.  We intend to make an impression in the hosting industry as a whole but at the same time get closer to our local economy.

With so many shops online business owners tend to forget their local market.  Toronto is populated with approximately 2.5 million people.  Having a market so vast yet only catering to a few would be a waste.  Our services and support are well above par and we want Canadians in Toronto to understand that HostUpon would love to host their websites!  Many consider web hosting to be online business which indeed it is but can we not expose a non tangible product to our own neighbors?

The main reason for this post is to point out that only 20% of our client base is Canadian.  With the launch of our 3 hosting plans, 3 reseller hosting plans and our new managed private hosting we’re serious about our business.

As a part of our local exposure campaign HostUpon will be offering quite a few promotions and discounts online and a few geared towards the Canadian market in particular.  Hosting is a service that we provide world-wide and we will continue to gain clients in all corners of the world but let’s start at home.  Home sweet home.

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