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A Beginner’s Guide to SSL Certificates

These days, everyone who uses the Internet or who has a website of their own, has to be concerned about security. The prevalence and the skill of online hackers is highlighted almost daily as news stories are announced about another … Read More

How To Switch Back To Classic Editor In WordPress 5

WordPress 5 was released in early December of 2018 and with the new release came a host of new changes.  The most significant change was the Gutenberg Editor which replaced the Classic Editor in WordPress.  With millions of WordPress users, … Read More

How To Change PHP Versions in cPanel

PHP is one of the most widely used scripting languages, close to 85% of websites on the Internet use it.  With that being said, most website owners don’t know how to change the version of PHP their website uses.  This … Read More

7 things to consider before choosing a hosting company for your business

HostUpon Cheap Web Hosting

One of the biggest dilemmas that online businesses will face first is choosing the right hosting provider. Whether it is for blogs, an online store, or a company website, you need to have a reliable and high-performing host who you … Read More

How To Enable SSL On WordPress (HTTPS)

HTTPS and SSL on WordPress

Guide:  How to Enable SSL On WordPress

Almost every day, we share our own personal information online, from simply logging in to a website to making an e-commerce purchase with a credit card. All of these activities must be protected Read More