SocialEngine Hosting

Recently I noticed a really clean looking script called Social Engine.  The script is basically a social netwokring script with a clean and simple design.  I decided to take a quick peak at our current customers and found a few people actually using the script.  Our servers are actually matched perfectly to host Social Engine and we fully meet all the Social Engine system requirements.

Most of the clients use our Private Hosting plans which have actually been discounted for the month of August 2008.  If you use the coupon code morepower you will get an additional 20% off your entire order! This promotion is only for the month of august and allows you to get our best hosting plan at an amazing price.

Social Engine is great for anyone looking for a simple yet powerful social networking script.  The price is definitely competitive and the features are awesome.  You can start your own social networking script within minutes as the installation is super simple.  You can actually use any plan at HostUpon though personally I recommend our Private Hosting plans because of the power and growth options you have.  Keep in mind that when you have a social network it can get big very fast and upgrading your account can be a pain especially when you have an established site.  I recommend our PV100 hosting plan as it gives you a good amount of space, unlimited bandwidth and many easy upgrade options without any downtime.

The script is also available for a free demo download so you can test it out.  We’ve come across many social networking scripts and this seems to be one of the best.  It gives you the ability to build and customize your own social network and we fully support the hosting aspect!

If you’re looking for a great social networking php script check out Social Engine and be sure to try us out for your hosting!

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