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How to setup a staging environment for WordPress with Softaculous

With so many people using WordPress, we’ve always been asked on how you can setup a staging environment so that you can preview your changes before publishing them to your live WordPress site.  Today we’ll go over a new feature … Read More

The 7 Best WordPress Plugins You Need

7 of the Best WordPress Plugins

The 7 Best WordPress Plugins You Need

Looking for the Best WordPress Plugins? WordPress is one of the most widely used Content Management Systems (CMS) on the web. As per recent statistics, it is used in over 60 million websites; … Read More

How To Optimize WordPress

Optimize WordPress 2016

Find Out How To Optimize WordPress and Improve Speed

Are you looking to Optimize WordPress and improve the overall load time of your website? It is a known fact that many search engine algorithms consider your website speed while calculating Read More

How to secure your WordPress Site

With millions of people using WordPress it’s no surprise that it is one of the top targets for hackers.  If you use WordPress then you’ll want to read our tips on how to secure your WordPress website.  You may … Read More

WordPress Running Slow?

WordPress Running Slow and making your website crawl? Check out our tips below and speed up your WordPress Blog.

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used open-source scripts.  It is an extremely powerful script with a wide … Read More

WordPress Themes

While we have thousands of clients using hundreds of open-source solutions, there are inevitably the blogging and CMS heavy hitters that emerge quickly as the most popular. Today we are going to discuss WordPress, one of the most well known … Read More

The Best WordPress Hosting!

WordPress is not only the most popular blogging software but it is allowing users who have very little knowledge of hosting to get online and share their thoughts and ideas through a blog. The blogging phenomenon continues as each day … Read More