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WordPress Running Slow? How To Improve Website Speed

WordPress Running Slow and making your website crawl? Check out our tips below and speed up your WordPress Blog.

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used open-source scripts.  It is an extremely powerful script with a wide range of themes and plugins available.  One major issue is that the majority of WordPress plugins are developed by third-party developers.  This simply means that there is a good chance that the plugins you use are developed by an individual rather than the WordPress team themselves.  This poses one major issue, since the plugin was not developed by WordPress the person who created the plugin likely designed it for usability and not optimal performance.  With people adding various plugins to their WordPress site things can slow down very quickly if the plugin has a memory leak or is not coded for optimal performance.

If you’ve noticed your WordPress site is slow it is very likely a plugin that is the culprit.  If you use a lot of WordPress plugins it can be difficult to pinpoint the plugin causing the issue.  After quite a bit of testing we’ve found a pretty good solution:

PluginHog Detector (a plugin that reveals CPU stats in a table at the bottom of a page)

PluginHog is a WordPress plugin you can download and install on your WordPress site and it will show you the usage of each of your WordPress plugins in a simple table allowing you to find the problematic plugin much faster.  Once you find the plugin with the highest usage you can disable that plugin and then see if your sites performance increases.  Having various plugins written by different people can also pose an issue as some plugins might conflict with others.  In general the less plugins you use the faster your site will be however if you do want to use lots of plugins then check out PluginHog as it can help find a problematic plugin and help increase your websites performance.

No matter what plugins you use make sure you keep your WordPress plugins up to date.  This is a VERY important thing to consider.  If your plugin is not updated to the latest version you are not only losing out on possible performance enhancements but you’re also opening yourself to hackers.  When plugin developers release an update there is obviously a reason and in most cases it is a security update.  Keeping your plugins in-check and updated is critical.

WordPress plugins can really boost your site and add various benefits and by following the tips above you can run a fast and efficient WordPress based website.  Our WordPress Hosting plans are all designed to meet and exceed the requirements for WordPress.

You can download PluginHog Here