Web Hosting Affiliate Program – How It Works

HostUpon’s Affiliate Program

Let’s talk about our Affiliate Network, which is probably one of the best aspects of working with HostUpon.

Whether you are a like-minded site, a script vendor, or even a host review site like HostReviewSite.com, joining our affiliate program can help you generate that extra revenue stream we all look for.

How dos it work? Simple:

For each referral you send us, we pay you. It’s that easy. We have a very simple strategy in place at HostUpon: we reward you for qualified referrals that sign up for any of our plans. I’m not talking about 20$ or 50$ here, I’m talking about up to $180 per referral. You read that right, this can turn a simple revenue stream into a full fledged revenue river if you can help us gain acquisitions. HostUpon is proud to boast one of the highest payouts in the hosting industry, which start at $90 per, and climbs upwards of $180 if you can generate a high volume.

Looking for an added bonus? We’ll even help you out with some custom banners – just sign up, show us that you’re serious about making some additional revenue, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We don’t only look for hosting related websites for our Affiliate network though, we welcome any site that can show a propensity to generate conversions for us…and that’s just the beginning.

HostUpon has devised a referral program, kind of an added-bonus if you will, to entice our clients and users to further help you benefit from, well, helping us. We are willing to give you a full month free of your current hosting plan whenever you refer a friend. All they need to do is quote your domain name at the registration stage, once we’ve confirmed it, you’re good to go.

What does this all boil down to?

We have invested a lot into this project, and cut no corners to maximize its potential. Show us that you can help us destroy our conversion goals, and we will pay you…handsomely at that. Looking forward to hearing from you soon 🙂

HostUpon’s Affiliate Network: http://www.hostupon.com/affiliates.php