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My IP address is blocked

The first step is to verify if you are indeed blocked by the servers firewall.  To verify, try visiting your website in your web browser.  If the website loads then that means you are not blocked.

If your website does not load and times out then there is a possibility your IP was blocked by our firewall.

There are various reasons why your IP may have been blocked including failed login attempts to cPanel, email accounts and FTP.  You could also be blocked by the firewall if you triggered a mod_security rule.

In order to unblock your IP address you need to Open a Support Ticket.  Before you open the ticket please go to myipaddress.com and copy your IP address and then provide us with your IP.

We will be able to tell you exactly why your IP address was blocked and help you regain access.


Please make sure you email us from the email address we have on file for your Client Area.  For the fastest response it’s best to open a support ticket directly through your Client Area.


Updated on November 12, 2019

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