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Solution: WordFence shows a warning for LiteSpeed ‘noabort’

If you’re using the WordFence plugin for WordPress you may receive a warning notice about WordFence not being able to do auto-updates.  Here is an example of a warning notice you may receive:

To preserve the integrity of your website we are not running Wordfence auto-update.
You are running the LiteSpeed web server which has been known to cause a problem with Wordfence auto-update.

You’re receiving this error because our servers use LiteSpeed and WordFence does automatic background updates that require the ‘noabort’ function to be turned off on LiteSpeed.  Since we already turn off the ‘noabort’ function in LiteSpeed this warning is incorrect.

Solution For WordFence LiteSpeed ‘noabort’ error

In order to solve this false-positive error you need to login to your WordPress Dashboard and click on WordFence and then All Options in the left side menu.

Next, find the General WordFence Options section and enable the ‘Bypass the LiteSpeed ‘noabort’ check‘ as show in the screenshot below.  Once you check-mark this option, save your changes.  You should no longer receive the warning and WordFence will continue it’s normal background updates.

WordFence LiteSpeed NoAbort


Updated on October 21, 2019

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