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I forgot my cPanel password, what do I do?

If you have lost or forgotten your cPanel password please open a Support Ticket to request a new password.

You must submit the ticket through your Client Area in order for us to provide you with a new cPanel password.

Reset Your cPanel Password In The Client Area

If you have access to your Client Area then you can manually reset your cPanel password.  In the top navigation click Services and then My Services.

Beside your hosting plan click Active in the green text.

On the left menu you can either click the Login to cPanel link or the Change Password link.  By clicking the Login to cPanel link you will be taken directly into cPanel where you can change your password.  If you click the Change Password link then you will be taken to a page where you can choose a new cPanel Password.


Our system requires you to choose a very strong password for cPanel. If you enter a weak password it will not actually reset the password and you will not be able to login to cPanel. Choose a password with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols to ensure your password reset is successful.

Updated on October 2, 2019

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