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How to unblock your IP address from the firewall

The first step is to verify if you are indeed blocked by the servers firewall.  To verify, try visiting your website in your web browser.  If the website loads then that means you are not blocked.

If your website does not load and times out then there is a possibility your IP was blocked by our firewall.

There are various reasons why your IP may have been blocked including failed login attempts to cPanel, email accounts and FTP.  You could also be blocked by the firewall if you triggered a mod_security rule.

How to unblock your IP Address From The Server Firewall

To unblock your IP, simply login to the Client Area on our website.  By successfully logging in our system will automatically remove the IP address of your computer from the servers firewall.  You can now test your website again and it should be accessible.


You may need to wait up to 60 seconds after logging in to give the system enough time to remove your IP.

If you think you’re still being blocked you can use the Firewall IP Unblocker tool in the Client Area.

Step 1: Click the Support tab in the Client Area and then click the Firewall IP Unblocker link.

firewall 1


Step 2:  The Firewall IP Unblocker page lists all of your hosting accounts.  Click the lock icon beside the hosting plan you’re blocked on.

firewall 2


Step 3:  A popup window will appear and display your computers current IP address.  Click the ‘Check‘ button to see if your IP address is listed in the firewall.  If you have a specific IP you want to check you can also enter it in the ‘

firewall 3


Once you click the ‘Check‘ button the system will check to see if your IP or the one you manually entered is blocked or not.

If the IP is not blocked you will see a message that reads ‘Your IP Address: x.x.x.x is not blocked‘.

If your IP is blocked you will see a message showing you the exact reason why your IP address is blocked.  You can then click the ‘Unblock‘ button to remove the block.

You can use the Firewall IP Unblocker tool to check your own computers IP or any other IP address such as a developer etc.

Updated on December 29, 2019

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