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How to setup email in Microsoft Outlook

Although you can always access your email using Webmail, you may prefer to use an email client such as Microsoft Outlook.

When setting up email in Microsoft Outlook you can choose to use either POP or IMAP.  Your hosting account supports both so the choice is yours.

What is the difference between POP and IMAP?

An IMAP client synchronizes the email on your computer with the contents of your account on the hosting server.  IMAP does not actually download your email to your computer, your email remains on the hosting server.

IMAP copies messages from the server instead of deleting the email.   When you use IMAP, an email message is only removed from the e-mail server when you choose to delete it.

POP email means that the actual email is downloaded to your computer.  POP email does not synchronize email.  When you check your email your email program will connect to the server and actually download the email to your computer and not store it on the hosting server.

Should you use IMAP or POP?

Since IMAP syncs your email it’s the better choice if you have multiple devices you want to check email from such as a computer and a mobile device.  For example, if you open an email on your computer and read it then it will be marked as ‘read’ when you check your email on your mobile device.  If you delete the email on your computer it will also delete it on your mobile device.  If you plan to setup your email on multiple devices then you should use IMAP.

POP is only recommended if you only plan to use one device to check your email.  For example, if you only want to use your computer to check email and no other devices then you should use POP.


If you notice that your email is missing or deleted without you actually deleting an email then it means you setup multiple devices to use POP email or a mix of POP and IMAP on more than one device.  In this case you should change the device that is using POP to IMAP. 

How to setup your email account in Microsoft Outlook

1 – In Outlook, click File and then click Add Account.

2 – A popup will be displayed.  Type in the email address you wish to setup and click the Advanced Options link and select Let Me Set Up My Account Manually.  Then click the Connect button.

3 – On the next step you can select either IMAP or POP.  We recommend choosing IMAP if you plan to check your email from more than one device.

4 – Now type in the password for your email account.  This is the password you chose when you created the email account in cPanel.  Then click Connect.

Outlook should now have completed the setup and your email account should be working!


The above steps may differ depending on which version of Outlook you’re running.  The instructions above are based on the latest version of Outlook at the time of this article which is Outlook 2019.  If you’re using a different version of Outlook you may need to enter your mail server settings manually and you can find out how below.

Where can I find the mail server settings?

You can find your mail server settings by logging in to cPanel first.

1 – Click the Email Accounts icon.

2 – Beside your email account, click the Connect Devices button on the right side.

3 – Scroll down to where it says ‘Mail Server Manual Settings‘.  Here you can see your incoming and outgoing mail servers and  IMAP and Port setting values.  You can use these settings wherever you are prompted in Outlook if you’re setting up your email manually.


Updated on October 15, 2019

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