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How to login in to WHM (Web Host Manager)

To login to your WHM panel you can use any of the following:


serverhostname.com:2087 (SSL access)

serverhostname.com:2086 (Non-SSL access)


In the above examples, replace serverhostname with your actual host name. You can find your host name in your welcome email. You can also replace serverhostname.com with your servers IP address.


If you are using a secure (SSL) connection and your servers hostname uses a self-signed certificate, you may receive an SSL warning in your browser. It is safe to accept the warning and continue.

Ports used by cPanel and WHM

cPanel and WHM use the following ports:

  • 2082 cPanel
  • 2083 cPanel SSL
  • 2086 WHM
  • 2087 WHM SSL
  • 2095 Webmail
  • 2096 Webmail SSL
Updated on October 3, 2019

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