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How to install WordPress in Softaculous

In order to use Softaculous, you must first Login To cPanel.

Step 1 – Locate Softaculous icon

Softaculous is located under the Software section inside cPanel (A).

You can also use the search box in the top right corner in cPanel and type Softaculous (B).  Click the Softaculous icon to open it.  Softaculous should now open in a new browser tab.

Softaculous also had a dedicated section in cPanel with quick access to popular scripts for you to install.  The icons are located under the Softaculous App Installer section.  You’ll find popular software such as WordPress.  This is just a shortcut to the installation page for the software you wish to install (C).

softaculous cpanel


Step 2 – Find WordPress

When Softaculous launches you’ll see the most popular scripts.  Hover over the WordPress icon and click install.  You can also use the search box on the left side menu to find WordPress.

wordpress step 1


Step 3 – Configure Installation

On the WordPress installation page you have various settings you can adjust.  In most cases you can leave all of the defaults however we’ll go over each option below.

Choose the version you want to install – Unless you have a specific version you wish to use leave this on the default version displayed.  The default version is the latest version of WordPress.

Choose Installation URL – The choose protocol field should be ‘http://’.  If you have already installed an SSL certificate on our servers then change this to ‘https://’.  Do not change this field if you have not installed an SSL certificate.  Next, select the domain you wish to install WordPress on.  If you want to install WordPress in a sub-directory you can type it in the ‘In Directory’ box.  Otherwise, leave it blank to install WordPress on your root domain.

Site Settings – You can modify the site name and description however these can also be changed after the installation.

Admin Account – Set the admin username and password for the WordPress admin panel.  Be sure to write these down in a safe place.

Step 4 – Install WordPress

Once you’ve gone through all of the settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Install button.

install wordpress


The progress bar will display the installation and you’ll then see a confirmation page once completed.  You will be shown the WordPress Admin Panel URL which is where you can go to start building your WordPress website!

wordpress installed

Updated on October 2, 2019

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