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How to enable Cloudflare in cPanel

To enable Cloudflare you must first Login to cPanel.

Step 1 – Getting Started

Click the Cloudflare icon inside your cPanel under the Software section.

enable cloudflare


Step 2 – Create an account

You need to create a free Cloudflare account in order to use Cloudflare.  Click the Create Your Free Account button.  A popup will be displayed where you can enter your email address and desired password.














Step 3 – Add your domain

Once you’ve created your account with Cloudflare you need to enter the domain name you wish to use in the Enter Your Site box and then click Add Site.

cloudflare domain










Step 4 – Select your plan

Cloudflare has a free plan which is designed for personal or small business websites.  You get their DDOS protection and have access to their global content delivery network which helps improve the performance of your website.  You can click on the Free Plan and once selected click Confirm Plan at the bottom.

cloudflare plan
















Step 5 – Review DNS records

Cloudflare will automatically detect relevant DNS records and enable certain records by default.  You can simply   If you have any specific changes you want to make, you can, otherwise, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue.

cloudflare dns













Step 6 – Update your Name Servers

In order to use Cloudflare you need to point your domains DNS to Cloudflare.  Follow the on screen instructions to update your name servers.  If your domain is registered with HostUpon you can update your name servers inside the Client Area.  Once you’ve updated your name servers to point to Cloudflare, click the Done, check name servers button.

cloudflare enabled















That’s it!  Once your DNS propagates (24 to 48 hours) your website will be protected and served through Cloudflare.  You can always enable/disable Cloudflare by clicking the Cloudflare icon inside cPanel.

Updated on September 30, 2019

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