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How to disable auto renewal for domain names

Domain names registered with HostUpon auto-renew by default.  This is to ensure your domain does not expire and you do not lose your domain name.  We send domain renewal notices 30 days prior to the expiry date and invoices are generated 14 days prior to the due date.

If you do not want your domain name renewed automatically you must disable auto-renewal inside your Client Area.

Once a domain name is renewed there are absolutely no refunds.

Disabling Auto Renewal For Your Domain Names

Step 1:  Login to your Client Area.

Step 2:  Click Domains from the navigation menu and select My Domains.

auto renew 1


Step 3:  Click the wrench icon beside the domain name you wish to manage.

auto renew 2


Step 4:  On the left side menu click Auto Renew.

auto renew 3


Step 5:  Click the red Disable Auto Renew button to turn off auto-renewal on your domain name.

auto renew 4


Once auto renewal is turned off we will no longer generate an invoice for the domain name and it will expire on the due date.


Updated on December 5, 2019

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