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How to add a User to your account

If you want to grant someone else access to your Client Area you can do so by adding them as a ‘User’. You can add as many users as you’d like and grant them each different permissions for the client area.

What is a User

A User is someone who has their own Client Area access using their own email address and password.

As the primary account holder you can invite users into your account, which then allows that user to login, and carry out various actions that you have granted them.

Why would I want to create a User?

Each section of the client area has it’s own permission setting so the access rights can be fine tuned by you the primary client area account holder.

Here are a few examples of when this can be useful:

  • Billing Department – corporate users may have a dedicated billing department who should be given access to pay invoices and place new orders while the web/technical staff would only be given access to view current products & services and submit support requests.
  • Web Developers – You may be employing a web developer to build and maintain your website and may want to give that developer access to create tickets and correspond with HostUpon on your behalf, without being able to access any billing information or change account details.

If you want your new users to receive certain types of email notifications, they will also need to be added as a Contact. See here for details.

How do tickets work with Users?

If an authorized User opens a support ticket, then they will be CC’d any replies relating to that ticket by email along with the primary account holder.

One sub-contact user will not receive email updates about the tickets submitted by another sub-contact, but they can still view all the tickets belonging to the primary account holder when logging in.

If a ticket is submitted by the primary account holder, all Sub-Contacts will receive a copy of email notifications pertaining to the ticket.

How to create a User

To update your Contact Information, login to your HostUpon Client Area.

On the main client area dashboard, click ‘Hello,…‘ in the navigation menu and then click User Management.

This will take you to the User Management page. It will list all users who have access to your account, including your own user. To add another Fill out the form under Invite New User. You will need to provide the email address the invitation will be sent to, and you’ll get the opportunity to customize which permissions the new user will have on your account.

When you’re done setting up permissions, click Send Invite and your new user will receive an email with instructions to follow to set up their new User on our systems. Once they’ve completed that step, or if they already have a User login on our systems, they will be granted access to your account based on the permissions you chose earlier.

Users can have access to multiple accounts! Any user with this kind of access will see an option in the client area to pick which account they’re looking at or managing at any given time.

Updated on April 6, 2023

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