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How to add a Sub-Contact or User

If you want to grant someone else access to your Client Area you can do so by adding them as a ‘Sub-Contact’. You can add as many sub-contacts as you’d like and grant them each different permissions for the client area.

What is a Sub-Contact

A Sub-Contact is a user who has their own Client Area access using their own email address and password.

As the primary account holder you can create sub-contacts under your main client area account, which then allows that contact to login, and carry out various actions that you have granted them.

Why would I want to create a Sub-Contact?

Each section of the client area has it’s own permission setting so the access rights can be fine tuned by you the primary client area account holder.

Here are a few examples of when this can be useful:

  • Billing Department – corporate users may have a dedicated billing department who should be given access to pay invoices and place new orders while the web/technical staff would only be given access to view current products & services and submit support requests.
  • Web Developers – You may be employing a web developer to build and maintain your website and may want to give that developer access to create tickets and correspond with HostUpon on your behalf, without being able to access any billing information or change account details.

You can also set email preferences for a contact/sub-account so they can be used for having invoice related emails sent to additional email addresses.

How do tickets work with Sub-Contacts?

If a sub-contact user opens a support ticket, then they will be CC’d any replies relating to that ticket by email along with the primary account holder.

One sub-contact user will not receive email updates about the tickets submitted by another sub-contact, but they can still view all the tickets belonging to the primary account holder when logging in.

If a ticket is submitted by the primary account holder, all Sub-Contacts will receive a copy of email notifications pertaining to the ticket.

Step 1 – How to create a Sub-Contact

To create a sub-contact, begin by creating or locating an existing contacts record. This can be done in the client area by clicking ‘Hello,….” in the top right navigation and then clicking ‘Contacts/Sub-Accounts’.  You can also add a sub-contact on the main client area dashboard left side menu by clicking New Contact.

contact step 1


Step 2 – Enter Sub-Account Details

Enter the sub-contacts information in all of the relevant fields.  The First Name, Last Name and Email Address fields are required.  This is the email address the sub-contact will use to login to the Client Area.

contact step 2

Step 3 – Activate Sub-Contact

In order for the sub-accounts to be activated you need to check-mark the box that says ‘Tick to configure as a sub-account with client area access‘.  Once you do this you will see a list of options of which you can grant the sub-account permissions to.  Once you have check-marked the permissions you want to give the sub-contact, you then need to choose a password for the sub-contact.

contact step 3

Step 4 – Email Preferences

Next, tick the various email preferences you want the sub-account users to receive.

  • General Emails – General Announcements & Password Reminders
  • Product Emails – Order Details, Welcome Emails, etc…
  • Domain Emails – Renewal Notices, Registration Confirmations, etc…
  • Invoice Emails – Invoices & Billing Reminders
  • Support Emails – Allow this user to open tickets in your account

contact step 4

Lastly, click Save Changes.  The sub-contact has now been created and an email has been sent to them with your new client area login details.


Updated on September 29, 2019

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