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How to create a MySQL Database

There are four steps to creating a database in cPanel:

  1. From the main cPanel dashboard click the ‘MySQL Databases‘ icon under the Databases section.
  2. Create the Database: Add a database name in the ‘New Database:‘ box, then click ‘Create Database‘. Go back.
  3. Create the DB User: Add a database user in the ‘Username:‘ and ‘Password:‘ boxes, then click ‘Create User‘. Go back.
  4. Add the User to the Database: Select the User and Db you just created from the “Add Users To Your Databases:” drop-down boxes, then click ‘Add User to Database

If the User and/or Database you have created do not appear in the drop-down boxes, try refreshing the page.


Any database name or database username you create will both be automatically prefixed with your username. A database that you call “gbook” will be named “username_gbook” (whereusername is your account username).

Updated on September 30, 2019

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