Unlimited Hosting, The Battle is Over.

As far as I can remember the hosting industry has been battling in terms of web space and bandwidth offerings.  With some hosts increasing these specs on an almost monthly basis it’s difficult for consumers to grasp what the main difference between certain hosts are.  For the longest time customers have been choosing a host based on these two specific quotas.  This was an issue because novice or newbie hosting clients did not factor is some of the more important features such as support, uptime and plan features.  A Host could easily offer double the space and bandwidth of their competition and gain a client however limiting the client to the resources and or features they may actually require.

At HostUpon we started with one offering, 700Gb of space and 7000GB of bandwidth.  We have never changed our plan structure until now.  As of today HostUpon provides Unlimited Web Hosting with no space or bandwidth limitations.  As you can understand this is a significant change to the end-user however going unlimited was just a matter of time.  We have the support and infrastructure to support the Unlimited offerings.  The main reason for this upgrade per say was to deter the focus from space and bandwidth values that really had no meaning.  We don’t want to confuse potential clients with numbers and values and would like them to look deeper in to the plans we offer to find their needs as apposed to their wants.

We are now offering two feature rich plans with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.  The plans both have unlimited addon domains as well unlimited databases.  Practically all features are unlimited on both the Starter Unlimited and Business Unlimited plans.  The only difference between the two is that the Business Unlimited plan includes a dedicated IP Address and free Search Engine Submission by our staff.

Unlimited Hosting is now a reality and HostUpon is building a solid foundation where customers can host their websites without limits or strings attached.  We continually evaluate the market, the current offerings and what would be best for your current clients and potential clients.

So what really does unlimited hosting mean?

In regards to disk space customers can create websites as large as they like in terms of space with as many pages and public content as they like.  There is no penalization for space usage that is used for their website specifically. Keeping in mind this is a shared hosting environment and growing a website very large too fast can impact the stability and performance of the server.  Shared hosting has it’s own server limitations as does any shared service but the space you can consume is scalable and as long as you are not affecting other customers in terms of server resource usage you are well within your allowance.  HostUpon will closely monitor activity to make sure the shared environment is not at risk by any specific user.  Our objective is to provide an unlimited amount of space and bandwidth while at the same time providing a service that is fast and stable for all users on the server.

Bandwidth is also Unlimited and aside from server processor usage there are no limitations.  A user can use as much bandwidth as they need without impeding the allowed CPU usage.  The bandwidth is monitored closely as well and abuse with not be tolerated of course.  We are here to allow customers to host and grow their websites in a hosting community and if they require more resources we offer various other services such as dedicated servers and private web hosting.

Overall we are thrilled to provide Unlimited Hosting for as low as $4.95/month!  By next week we will have a new set of banners and creatives for all of our customers and affiliates to use.  We’ll post an update when they are ready.

Going unlimited was a big decisions but it was the right decision.  With unlimited space and bandwidth our customers can focus on other requirements and make a more accurate decision on their web hosting needs.

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