Make Money Online, Join Our HostUpon Affiliate Program

If you’re looking to make some cash on the side you have got to join our affiliate program.   It’s quite simple, for each signup you refer to HostUpon we will pay you $50usd.

Affiliate programs are a great way to generate revenue and to have the confidence in making sure your referrer is happy with us is a plus.  We pay our affiliates on the 1st or the 15th of the month depending on your cycle.

We have a bunch of banners of all sizes you can place on your websites to promote our services.  Each time someone signs up through your banner you get $50usd.  We can send your commission via PayPal or Check.

We are dedicated to all of our affiliates as they provide a means for us to advertise our services.  If you ever need a new banner or have any inquiries just give us a shout at .

Affiliate marketing is growing and many companies in the hosting industry rely on their clients to refer customers via an affiliate program.  Our approach is to have our current, new and non-customers to expose our services with confidence.  It’s great to be able to promote a product that you yourself would use or do use.

If you have never tried an affiliate program then signup (for free of course!)  because the potential to make money is really endless.  Think about how many people you know that need hosting, tell them to signup through your affiliate code and that’s it.  You just made $50usd for referring a friend to HostUpon.

If you were to refer 10 people, in one month you would make $500usd.  Now if we double or triple the number of people you refer the monthly commission can really make you some big bucks!  It’s a proven strategy and we’re here to help.  The more customers you refer, the more you make.

Sign up for our Affiliate Program here and start referring HostUpon to your friends and family!

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