Hostupon Coupon!

As many of you may have noticed, we’ve dropped our price from $7.95 a month to $4.95 a month for a limited time.

Not only was the price reduced but you can save an additional 15% off by using the promotional code ’15off’ on our order form. If you need any assistance do keep in mind we are available around the clock through Live Chat.

You can share this coupon with friends and family and enjoy the savings until March 15th 2008.

Our Starter Plan now includes 700GB of space and 7000GB of bandwidth. The Hosting industry is very competitive so making sure our plans are comparable yet affordable is a priority.

Our commitement to bring more value to our products and services is an ongoing process. I believe having unlimited hostable addon domains plays an important role in the usage of the hosting accounts. The ability to have 5, 10 even 50 domains on a single account is one thing, but having the resources to support it is essential. This is where the value kicks in as customers understand that a price drop is complimented by an increase in resources.

I’ve been so pleased with our growth and we only have our customers to thank. We will continue to excel in this demanding industry and provide the support and infrastructure to meet the needs of customers world-wide.