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Have You Outgrown Shared Web Hosting?

Outgrown Shared Web Hosting?

As a business owner, if you are searching for fast, reliable, and inexpensive web hosting plans, then the shared web hosting or VPS (Virtual Private hosting) service is usually best for you. Shared Hosting is the most common, but for many businesses, it can sometimes be outgrown quite quickly! Moving from Shared to a VPS, or Dedicated Server is the next step. HostUpon provides a free migration service, so the upgrade is easy!

The purpose of this article is to help you to determine whether you have outgrown shared web hosting and need to upgrade to a VPS, Dedicated Server, or simply keep your shared hosting and optimize the configuration.

Here are some key signs you have outgrown Shared Web Hosting: 

Remarkable Increase in Site Traffic

Shared Web Hosting is generally ideal for low traffic, which is under 10,000 visitors in a day, as a rule of thumb. If you’ve noticed any sign of increased traffic over the last few months, you may need to upgrade to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) for dedicated bandwidth and often, less congested network connections.


Security of Your Data Becomes an Issue

 If your business or organization is dealing with some top secret data, then you must ensure the security of your data. By using a self-contained VPS or Dedicated Server, you will have better control over who can access your data. Despite Shared Hosting being extremely secure, it will isolate your data from other users and further minimize the risk of unauthorized access.  Both VPS and dedicated servers come with root access meaning you can install anything you like on your server.  You can recompile apache to use a specific version of PHP and PHP modules.  You also have full control over your servers firewall.


A Need For Business Growth

When your business grows in size, your email, disk space, CPU and RAM requirements will  also outgrow your existing shared hosting environment. HostUpon’s shared web hosting utilizes CloudLinux, which limits every user to a certain amount of memory and CPU usage. This ensures the server is shared fairly between all users. Depending on the scripts and applications you wish to run, Shared Hosting may limit your usage. There are a few plugins that require more processing power than what is provided with the current CloudLinux configuration. The growth of your business will often dictate the need for upgrades. (See Increase In Traffic)


Web Hosting Sharing is No Longer Cost-Effective

If you noticed that you are not getting sufficient value for additional resources as your business grows, sometimes Upgrading your shared hosting plan just won’t be cost-effective anymore. You should step into your own private server. It’s important to consider the differences between a VPS and a Dedicated server to find out what is most cost effective. There are many companies who come with numerous advantages like- wide-ranging customer support, useful scalability and back-up, and flexibility in upgrading and downgrading your hosting whenever needed, with free migrations!

HostUpon offers Dedicated Servers, and VPS starting at $42.95/month.

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