B2Evolution Blog Hosting

HostUpon is proud to be listed as a fast and reliable hosting provider for B2Evolution users!  We love to provide our customers with free open source scripts and B2Evolution is one of our favorites.  This powerful free script is available on all of our shared hosting, private hosting and reseller hosting plans.  The B2Evolution script is available through Fantastico and can be installed within minutes.

B2Evolution has grown immensely over the years and much to it’s success is the development team who has put a great amount of time perfecting the script.  If you’ve been looking for blogging software and are unsure of which to use I can definitely recommend B2Evolution.  The script functions as a full fledged blog system but also allows you to add various plugins and change the look and feel of the site with a variety of themes.  One of the features I really like is the ability to run multiple blogs with one install.  This means you can provide a system similar to www.blogger.com.

Starting a website can seem overwhelming but with free open source script this task can be overcome and may even work out for the best.  Using a script allows you to get your website online and running much quicker.  B2Evolution has an awesome backend administration panel which allows you to edit your blog, post your blog, control plugins, change theme and a ton of other features at your finger tips.  Another great advantage with this software is that it caters to both newbies and advanced users.  B2Evolution allows you to run a blog on your own domain as apposed yo using a third party site to post your blog.  You technically do not even have to use it specifically as a blogging tool which makes it totally customizable.

HostUpon is listed on B2Evolution as a fast hosting company and with our amazing network infrastructure and backbone we are really thrilled to support this great script.  We will install the script at no additional cost to any and all of our customers, new or old.  If you currently use B2Evolution at HostUpon.com we would be thrilled if you could leave a comment on their website with your personal experience with our B2Evolution Hosting.

We’ve been working on a lot of great things for our customers and are soon going to implement an amazing backup system to provide our customers with an even more robust backup system.  Backing up your website is a must on your end and ours of course.  I’ll be writing a new blog post on our backup system and the development progress in the coming days.  Whether you use a script such as B2Evolution or have your own site design our backup system will work for you.

On another note our 15% coupon at HostUpon will soon expire and we will have another oh so sweet  promotion so keep an eye out!

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