how to add live chat

How to add Live Chat to your website

What is Live Chat?

Live chat is a simple way you can communicate and interact with your website visitors.   The problem with online shopping is that visitors to your website will likely have questions even after they browse through your pages.  Rather than have visitors leave your website because their questions went unanswered, you can use Live Chat to engage your audience providing a platform to interact in real-time with your potential customers.  Live Chat gives you an avenue to convert sales and provide support to your visitors.  It’s a powerful tool to grow your business and maximize your clicks.  If you’re advertising your website you need to make sure that every click maximizes returns when possible and Live Chat gives you just that.  If you don’t use Live Chat on your website you should definitely give it a try, it can literally increase your sales exponentially.

Benefits of using Live Chat on your website

  • Ability to answer questions from your website visitors in real-time
  • Save money by reducing phone and email support by answering simple questions in a chat
  • Give your customers confidence in knowing you are available to help them
  • Gain an edge over your competition by offering a platform to easily communicate
  • Let’s your visitors know you’re a real company with real people ready to help them

How do I add Live Chat to my website?

Adding Live Chat to your website is VERY easy.  There are free options but in this discussion we’ll talk about one of our favorite Live Chat companies that offer an affordable, beautiful and simple Live Chat system.  LiveChat is the software we use at HostUpon and we’re happy we chose these guys.  They have amazing support, a web-based platform as well as a downloadable application for both Windows and MAC users.  Add to that a slick mobile app so you can literally chat with your visitors from anywhere in the world from any of your devices.  They also have a FREE LiveChat trial so you can test out their Live Chat system without spending a buck.



How much does it cost?

Adding Live Chat to your website isn’t free but LiveChat does offer a FREE trials so you can test it out and see if it’s right for you.  They have various plans starting from $36/month which might seems a bit pricey but you need to consider how much you’re currently spending on advertising to drive customers to your website and the value of a potential sale.  It can pay itself off in just one chat session with a potential customer.  It’s a fact that 44% of people said they would buy from a website that offered a Live Chat system than one that does not.  Another 64% of people said they were likely to return to a website that had Live Chat.  The stats are there, adding Live Chat can make a significant positive impact on your business.

UPDATE March 2015:  LiveChat Inc has updated their pricing and it’s much more affordable now!  Their cheapest option is their Starter Plan at $16 a month.  They now offer 5 amazing plans so whether you’re just starting off or have a team you can find the perfect plan to suit your needs.  You can view the new plans here.

How do I integrate Live Chat on my website?

Whether you’re an advanced user or a novice, adding LiveChat is VERY simple.  It’s a small snippet of Javascript you would add to your web pages.  It’s the same concept as adding Google Analytics or any other tracking code.  The best part is that LiveChat has easy integrations with popular open-source software such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify and tons more.  They make it super simple to add Live Chat to your site, the entire process takes 5min or less.

Customize to your hearts desire!

LiveChat let’s you customize your chat window any which way you like so it seamlessly flows with your current website design.  You can fully customize the color of the chat window with CSS and also add your Logo to the chat window to add a personal touch.  You can also enable a cool feature that let’s your visitors rate the chat after it’s done so you can get instant feedback and make improvements based on what your customers think.  You can also add a pre-chat survey so you can ask specific questions before the visitor actually engages in a chat session which can help you answer their question much faster and accurately.  If you’re offline you can customize the offline message so your visitors can leave you a message.

Overall we’ve found that adding LiveChat can seriously increase sales, provide a better user experience for your visitors and turn your advertising clicks in to true revenue.  It’s a simple and easy easy way to communicate directly with your visitors.  If you’re not using LiveChat on your website give it a shot, it can increase sales and give you better insight on your traffic.  Try LiveChat for Free!